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From Godliness to Worldiness and back in 15 Minutes!

As a rule, I don’t eavesdrop. As a rule, I am not judgmental. But this morning, I broke my rules! The First Round I was in the park, walking the well-trodden track around it, cogitating over the age-old question – … Continue reading

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The QSM Magazine – Anandhotep makes a Splash in the Rajma Bowl.

The May-June issue is still not on stands, and trust me when I tell you that the blame lies squarely on the shoulders of that twit Anandhotep. I sent him the air-tickets; I emptied my cupboard so that he could store … Continue reading

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Stroll? Hmmm. Stroll? I think I’m getting an idea. Stroll?…wait, I’ve got to switch on my computer! “Kya stroll te stroller da siyappa laga rakha hai?” (Why are you raising such a hue and cry about stroll and stroller?) Mom’s booming voice … Continue reading

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The Harassed Computers Association Strikes Back!

Our Computers are on Strike! The computers in my house are on strike. Until a week ago, I had no idea the guys were members of a union called the Harassed Computers Association or the HCA. In fact, until about a week … Continue reading

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The Mathematics of my Independence: Happy Independence Day!

August 15 is the day India gained her independence; it’s also the day,  I lost mine.  It happened a decade ago. Since then, every year, my fairer half celebrates the day with double the fervor while my enthusiasm has clearly been … Continue reading

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50 Shades of Grey and the Advent of Uncle-hood.

Before I start, I’ll have it known that I am strapping young man of thirty-some years, with bulging biceps, great pectorals, and if not a six or a four, definitely a two-pack chiseled upon my abdomen. Not that long ago, women of … Continue reading

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Caricature – Kareena Kapoor a.k.a. Bebo of Bollywood and The Story of Star-kids.

Here’s a colorful caricature of Bebo a.k.a Kareena Kapoor, a.k.a. nowadays as Mrs. Saif Ali Khan. If I remember right, I painted this a couple of months ago, but I had always been lazy about starting a blog. Pink and Pretty, … Continue reading

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A Caricature for my Avatar – The Mythological Me in the era of Mahabharata.

I realized I needed an avatar, especially if I didn’t want other bloggers to assume that I were a bot. So I blew the dust off my old caricature-collections, and literally coughed up an old self-caricature of mine. This was … Continue reading

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3…2…1… Go!

OK. So I begin by being totally and irrevocably stumped. I mean, what sort of title befits a first post? The First Post (It would mislead you into thinking that this post was made by President Obama.) The Introductory Post (This would be … Continue reading

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