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Wifey, Owls, and an Afternoon at Dilli Haat!

Wifey loves owls. I said nothing different to her last week when I saw her ogling at an owl in Dilli Haat. “You love owls,” I remarked. She turned and considered me for a moment. She had that contemplative look … Continue reading

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From Godliness to Worldiness and back in 15 Minutes!

As a rule, I don’t eavesdrop. As a rule, I am not judgmental. But this morning, I broke my rules! The First Round I was in the park, walking the well-trodden track around it, cogitating over the age-old question – … Continue reading

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Mushrooms, Dog-pee, and Mrs. Chaddha!

Some people don’t like mushrooms. Some people don’t like dogs. Some people who don’t like dogs, also don’t like mushrooms. Mrs. Chaddha, our next floor neighbor falls in the last category, and I discovered it this morning… Dear Blog-followers, please … Continue reading

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The QSM Magazine – Anandhotep makes a Splash in the Rajma Bowl.

The May-June issue is still not on stands, and trust me when I tell you that the blame lies squarely on the shoulders of that twit Anandhotep. I sent him the air-tickets; I emptied my cupboard so that he could store … Continue reading

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Stroll? Hmmm. Stroll? I think I’m getting an idea. Stroll?…wait, I’ve got to switch on my computer! “Kya stroll te stroller da siyappa laga rakha hai?” (Why are you raising such a hue and cry about stroll and stroller?) Mom’s booming voice … Continue reading

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The Harassed Computers Association Strikes Back!

Our Computers are on Strike! The computers in my house are on strike. Until a week ago, I had no idea the guys were members of a union called the Harassed Computers Association or the HCA. In fact, until about a week … Continue reading

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The Mathematics of my Independence: Happy Independence Day!

August 15 is the day India gained her independence; it’s also the day,  I lost mine.  It happened a decade ago. Since then, every year, my fairer half celebrates the day with double the fervor while my enthusiasm has clearly been … Continue reading

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50 Shades of Grey and the Advent of Uncle-hood.

Before I start, I’ll have it known that I am strapping young man of thirty-some years, with bulging biceps, great pectorals, and if not a six or a four, definitely a two-pack chiseled upon my abdomen. Not that long ago, women of … Continue reading

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Caricature – Kareena Kapoor a.k.a. Bebo of Bollywood and The Story of Star-kids.

Here’s a colorful caricature of Bebo a.k.a Kareena Kapoor, a.k.a. nowadays as Mrs. Saif Ali Khan. If I remember right, I painted this a couple of months ago, but I had always been lazy about starting a blog. Pink and Pretty, … Continue reading

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A Caricature for my Avatar – The Mythological Me in the era of Mahabharata.

I realized I needed an avatar, especially if I didn’t want other bloggers to assume that I were a bot. So I blew the dust off my old caricature-collections, and literally coughed up an old self-caricature of mine. This was … Continue reading

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3…2…1… Go!

OK. So I begin by being totally and irrevocably stumped. I mean, what sort of title befits a first post? The First Post (It would mislead you into thinking that this post was made by President Obama.) The Introductory Post (This would be … Continue reading

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