Caricature Sheldon Cooper of the Big Bang Theory – y…he gets it!

I am a huge fan of The Big Bang Theory and its cast. Sheldon Cooper (played by Jim Parson,) is my favorite character. Yesterday I had a few hours to spare so I thought I’ll pull out one of my rough sketches of him and complete his caricature. I must’ve done the rough pencil sketch for this caricature a few years ago while watching the episode in which they find themselves stranded in the desert. (Can’t remember which episode that was.)

So if Sheldon got a pay raise (Penny and Leonard did too,) he deserved it. $1Million for an episode? Wow! That’s something – and yet if the Friends cast can wheedle out $1Million each, out of Warner Brothers, why shouldn’t our guys too get a share in the booty?

Anyway, here’s the caricature of Sheldon Cooper with a slight color-wash behind it.

Caricature, Cartoon, Pen and Ink Sketch Sheldon Cooper Jim Parson - Big Bang Theory.

Here’s an ordered list of my favorites. I must say that the list pulsates and once in a while their positions change, but Sheldon Cooper has remained in the top-slot since the beginning. (I think that the best source for any information on The Big Bang Theory is The Big Bang Theory Wikia. All the following Character links go there.)

  1. Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parson)
  2. Leonard Hoffstader (Johnny Galecky)
  3. Amy Farrah Fowler (Mayim Bialik)
  4. Raj Koothrappalli (played by Kunal Nayyar his Indian-ness is addictive.)
  5. Penny (what’s her surname, btw? Penny is played by Kaley Cuoco)
  6. Howard Wolowitz (Simon Helberg)
  7. Mrs. Wolowitz – Howard’s Mom (her voice actually)
  8. Bernadette Rostenkowski (and now Wolowitz too.) (played by Melissa Rauch)

Honest submission…
Except for Cooper’s and Koothrapally’s characters, I had no idea who the actors were.

Sheldon Cooper is the super-nerd with an IQ of 187 (Dan Brown’s Heroine in The Inferno, Sienna Brooks, has an IQ of 207 (totally unheard of, according to Robert Langdon‘s own admission.) He has rotten social skills (he banks on Leonard to get his through is day,) he can’t drive, he’s totally un-empathetic and is a megalomaniac. Lowly emotions such as humility, love, affection, empathy etc. are not for Dr. Cooper. Amy is his contractual girlfriend, and Leonard his contractual roommate.

Penny is Leonard’s girlfriend (when he isn’t hankering after Raj’s Indian sister’s exotic beauty, who comes from the land that wrote Kamasutra. Howard Wolowitz is the only Non-Ph.D. in the group and Sheldon never fails to point this out to him. Even Wolowitz’s girlfriend is a Ph. D.

If you don’t watch The Big Bang Theory, you have been missing out on some of the coolest comedy in the world. If you watch it…don’t read this post (sorry, if you already have,) just enjoy the caricature.

Here is the black and white version in its pristine beauty. BAZINGA!

Caricature Cartoon Drawing Black and White Sketch Pen and Ink Look Sheldon Cooper Jim Parson - The Big Bang Theory - Bazinga!

I intend to do the whole cast of The Big Bang Theory…it may take me a year or two…or three.

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