Mansplaining Defined and Purposefully Explained.

Just posted: Mansplaining? Let me tell you what it is, to share my recent learning experience under wifey’s tutelage.

It’s on my new blog – and if you aren’t following it, you are missing out on all the Quirky Snarky Malarkey that I’ll be dishing out in the future. Not mansplaining, just requesting. Visit and click the blue Follow button in the right sidebar. See you on the other side 😀

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3 Responses to Mansplaining Defined and Purposefully Explained.

  1. oneta hayes says:

    See #ROFLwithQSM for yourself, mansplainer!

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    • Anand says:

      I am sure she’s #ROFLwithQSM but will she ROFL with me? No, she won’t. She likes that bundle of stinky smelly bandages a lot more than she likes me. (Now I am a manplainer (man-complainer.))

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  2. Jackie says:

    Anand, it’s a matter of how a person first learns to navigate the computer!Also, I think that if a person learned typing skills at some point. I took secretarial typing after college and can type using the full keyboard rather quickly, but when I got a computer, there was no one to teach me those ‘command +’ type shortcuts! Even airline computers relied on keyboards and mouse usage rather than the Cmd function back then. I cannot keep those shortcuts in my brain for any length of time, so sympathize with wifey. HoweverI do wish I had learned them, as the mouse is awkward sometimes!


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