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Mansplaining Defined and Purposefully Explained.

Just posted: Mansplaining? Let me tell you what it is, to share my recent learning experience under wifey’s tutelage. It’s on my new blog – and if you aren’t following it, you are missing out on all the Quirky Snarky … Continue reading

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Fitting a misfit with social-shoes is Impossible – says wifey!

“Why do you have to do it?” she asked, pushing a cup of cardamom tea in front of me, displacing my magic trackpad, so that the Facebook icon that I was adding to the following Facebook header got scaled up … Continue reading

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Friends, I’ve got this super-cool idea…what do you think of it?

Celebrate your Wedding Once again! Update: The Shaadi ka Laddoo feature is on! Thank you for participating! I promise to ensure that Anandhotep is on his best behavior when he adds those thought-bubbles to your pictures. Neerja – the Thinking … Continue reading

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The QSM Magazine Issue #3 – The Indian Wedding Special!

In the upcoming issue we lose ourselves in the  the biggest, the grandest, the sparkliest, the loudest wedding in the world! Here’s a short definition of this magnificent event. Indian Wedding – A Definition The Indian wedding is a fine-tuned but … Continue reading

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An Interview with ‘Anandhotep’

Originally posted on Scribbles@Arpita:
It is a brand new year. And I have brand new interviews lined up on Scribbles@Arpita. Presenting before you all today is the ever so quirky Anand of Anand’s Parodies & Caricatures. Anand is a…

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QSM – The Humor Magazine of India – The 3rd Issue.

The last issue of this year will be out this week! Haven’t booked your free copy yet?! Sneak a peek. Here’s the cover. If you haven’t subscribed yet, you must do so now, because where else would you get seriously funny, comically … Continue reading

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Mom’s VIP Suitcase leads us into Cold War – Anandhotep Mediates.

They are back, and along with them, Anandhotep, the rickety old mummy who masquerades as the editor of The QSM Magazine, is also back.  Mom and Dad arrived yesterday. Traveling light isn’t Mom’s forte, and while rest of the world has graduated … Continue reading

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Registered for Blogging201 and preparing for Wifey’s Outburst

Friends from Blogging101 and Writing101, I gave the NaNoWriMo a miss but have registered for the Blogging201 course. I am wondering if any of you have too. It’s going to run from December 8th to 17th, and you can register for it … Continue reading

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Anandhotep Demands New Bandages as he Returns to work on The QSM Magazine!

I’m back to being the buggy-eyed, stubble-chined Anandhotep that you love and wifey despises. I haven’t shaved nor bathed in the last two days, and the dog is beginning to make faces when she’s around me. The geyser in the … Continue reading

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“Express Yourself”, she said; but when I did, she Gagged me!

When I was little and when I wasn’t the mummified and bandaged Anandhotep, Mom would bring me crayons and drawing sheets and say, “Express yourself!” Now when I draw, paint, and express myself, Mom rolls her eyes and says, “time na khoti kar, puttar!” (Don’t … Continue reading

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