The QSM Magazine’s Indian Wedding Special issue is out…

…and your copy is already in your inbox. If you aren’t a subscriber yet, head over to here, and join the party!

This Indian Wedding special, unravels the complex tapestry of the big O.B.E.S.E Indian wedding to lay bare the quirky, snarky, malarkey that lies under.

Read about the 8 Rock ‘n’ Roll rituals of an Indian marriage, attend Chintu’s wedding and appreciate its Live Decor, meet Honey’s In-laws and watch Mom bristle, figure out the Indian matrimonials if you can; and when you are done with weddings, enjoy some Free ki Advice, and find out the psychology of emojis – but that isn’t all. This issue is the biggest yet with all of its 50 pages dripping malarkey like never before.

The QSM Magazine - fourth Issue - Indian Wedding Special - comedy, parody, humor, funny anecdotes - a magazine full of desi Indian humour

I’ll be back after I’ve dropped Anandhotep at the Airport. He’ll be flying back to the Valley of Kings this afternoon, leaving me free to do my own thing – and that would be blogging and visiting blogs – but before I am really truly free – I must do a few household chores or lose wifey’s goodwill.

About that desiccated old bundle of rags: Good riddance to bad rubbish, I’d have said, if I wasn’t worried that he might be reading my blog in his tomb.

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Parodist, Humorist, Caricaturist, Nerd.
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23 Responses to The QSM Magazine’s Indian Wedding Special issue is out…

  1. Judy Martin says:

    Looking forward to getting stuck into it 🙂

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  2. oneta hayes says:

    I’m in the process of reading. Can’t take the whole thing in one dose, but find it hard to space out. I keep thinking, “I just read one more.” I’ll be back. I have a post in draft that I plan to publish tomorrow. It is a promotion of QSM. Hope I have covered the bases so others can use my link. I’m never very confident of such things. I did download your cover with amazing ease. So that is evidence of improvement!


    • Anand says:

      Thanks Oneta. You must be very careful with the dosage – ODing on humor can have severe side-effects 😀 I’ve just sent you an email with some images to pepper up your article, including the drawing I did for the article. Do check your email before making your post – and thank you so much for it. Anandhotep says he’d try to send you some scarabs to show his appreciation – so be careful of any package that arrives with a stamp of Valley of the Kings!

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  3. rumpydog says:

    I liked it! Though you do know my favorite parts included the dogs.

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  4. Wandering Soul says:

    Totally enjoying reading it. Makes the dullest and dreariest of the days, lively and fun-filled. Look out for my QSM promo posts. 😉

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    • Anand says:

      Glad you are enjoying it. I hope Anandhotep considers cutting my work-hours and giving me a raise. Thanks for the QSM posts – appreciated from the bottom of my heart. I am sure Anandhotep will write a big long thank you note to you from his tomb.

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  6. Alok Singhal says:

    Didn’t know about this, should be an amazing read ☺️

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  7. Jackie says:

    Hey, Anand, looking forward to getting the latest and greatest! ,

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  8. Jackie says:

    Ooh, yay.! Just got it.

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  9. Jackie says:

    Funny, can’t dowmload pdf, but isdu spp seems to be working this time. Read the first article so dar. Boy! Mom was in rare form!

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    • Anand says:

      Jackie, ISSUU requires that the publisher shells out some moolah before it lets the members download their pdfs. I am trying to save some money to put up a site and also to pay ISSUU, but finances have been tight. If your email id is on my subscription list, I’d have sent the pdf to you inbox on March 13th or 14th. If not, please subscribe (with your gmail id – other mail providers happen to reject big file-sizes – QSM is usually between 23-24 mb.) And yes, thanks for appreciating Mom’s form – she’ll be mighty glad when she hears that. She’s totally against the new wave of spindly legs and reedy arms.

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  10. This issue of the QSM Magazine was absolutely amazing. I enjoyed reading all the articles especially the guest features by Piyusha and Oneta.
    Finished reading the magazine the very same morning I got it in my inbox.

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    • Anand says:

      Thank you Rashmi. Piyusha and Oneta are both fabulous writers and it’s an honor to publish their writing. And yet, there was another, chained-to-the-desk, working-under-pressure minion of Anandhotep, whose writing, I hope was passable. Anandhotep might wonder why not one of my articles made the cut with you – and put me on an even shorter leash for the next issue. On a different note, I want to apologize for my tardiness on Blogger’s world, but I’ve been going through some personal turmoil…I shall be back in form soon – I hope. Thanks again for being a QSM reader, without you, QSM won’t be.

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      • Of course, Anandhotep was the best, which is why I finished reading QSM in one sitting as soon as I got it. 🙂
        I liked Honey’s story the best!
        No worries about Blogger’s World, I hope you feel better soon. I have been really busy myself with my book and stuff. So just about catching up with my blog reading now.

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      • Anand says:

        Thanks Rashmi. Your kind words got Anandhotep all crossed eyed and tangled up in his ragged old bandages. Before I could help him, he went sprawling, face-down on the dirty floor of his tomb. Now about blogger’s world – I’ll do better this month, I promise.

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