Friends, I’ve got this super-cool idea…what do you think of it?

Celebrate your Wedding Once again!


The Shaadi ka Laddoo feature is on!

Thank you for participating! I promise to ensure that Anandhotep is on his best behavior when he adds those thought-bubbles to your pictures.

Neerja – the Thinking Soul Talker
Sunita – the Expressive Word-Artist
Jackie – the Art and Craft Magician
Sharon – the RVing Explorer Writer

Anandhotep has just told this underling of his that four fabulous pictures are already in! There’s only one place left on the Shaadi ka Laddoo.

QSM Readers, send in your picture for that coveted place.

Icon of the QSM Magazine - Humor and Parodies from India.

As you all know, this issue is about Indian weddings. The QSM magazine will be rolling off the line in a week from now. While I was putting everything together, I was struck by this brainwave – and I thought I’d ask you if you’d like to participate.

How about a one/two page section, called “Shaadi ke Laddoo (the name may change – recommendations/suggestions are always welcome.) You could send me your favorite wedding picture to stick on the laddoo (well, that’s the visual treatment I am envisaging presently.) A line or two, quirky or not, from you would be a great value addition. If anyone in the family has just got married, you may want to toss the idea to them too.)

Think about it. It would be cool if we did it. Anandhotep doesn’t know about this brainwave yet, so I could drop the idea and nobody (except you,) would be any wiser!

If you’d like to celebrate your wedding once again, on the quirky pages of the QSM Magazine, send me an email. My email id is the same as my blog address, except that instead of, you must use

I’ll look forward to your thoughts and emails,

Anand (still in thralls of Anandhotep.)

Non-Indian friends: Shaadi ke Laddoo roughly translates to the “candy of marriage” and the term is used to underline the fact that the candy of marriage whether eaten or not, makes you regret your decision. Our focus in the feature will be the candy and its sweetness!

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38 Responses to Friends, I’ve got this super-cool idea…what do you think of it?

  1. NJ says:

    The idea sounds great 😉 I am in 😛 for it 😉 But I will wait till I see more volunteer I dont want be only one with our picture on ladoo 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wandering Soul says:

    Great idea! Look forward to the pics.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Anand says:

      Not until there are at least three pictures. How I wish you had married Trooplijah. I am sure you’d have sent in your picture.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Wandering Soul says:

        About the pics, I am sure you’ll have more people participating. Shout-out to everyone : This sounds fun, people. Participate and avail of this limited offer – “Free life-time subscription with every picture you send.” 😛

        Liked by 2 people

      • Anand says:

        You are up early?
        I do hope that others will participate. Rashmi’s complaint about not having anything for singleton’s made me think, why not? A singleton too can participate in Shaadi ka laddoo, because those who haven’t eaten it, want to eat it – Trooplijah is the living proof that such singleton’s exist.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Wandering Soul says:

        Thanks to Rashmi for spearheading our cause. Although, I beg to differ. I’d rather celebrate Singleton ka Ladoo 😀 😛
        Up early because Tropicana has been sending mosquito missiles to harrass me. 😦

        Liked by 1 person

      • Anand says:

        As I said to Rashmi – I have a list ready for singles too…and there’s this huge connection between singles and shaadi ka laddoo. Remember, jo na khaye, who bhi pachhtaye? But that doesn’t speak of the brighter side of not eating it – no tummy ache, see?

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  3. When will you come out with some cool ideas like this for us singleton’s? I think I will have to ask Anandhotep for help coz Anand is not helping 😀
    Great idea, though it’s thanks to the brainwave – which I am pretty sure was a result of something Anandhotep did!

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  4. Jackie says:

    Oh, cool. Let me see what I can find to send you.

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  5. adsunsri says:

    Searching for the pic taken on the D day…25 years ago…celebrating silver this year with years of mutual tolerance…

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Anand, how about an anniversary wedding pic with three dogs? Does that qualify?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Anand says:

      Oh it would – and the dogs will add that extra zing! I must mention that I’ll be adding thought-bubbles to the photos – and I’ll especially enjoy adding the thought-bubbles for the dogs – they’d be thinking about your wedding, of course 😀 I’ll await your email with the picture.


  7. I should have mentioned I’m wearing my wedding dress.

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