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The Revenge of the ATM Monster!

Yesterday I met the ATM Machine Monster. We wouldn’t have met him, if it wasn’t for wifey’s set of cushion-covers! A couple of months ago, wifey bought a set of cushion-covers of an odd size. She’s been trying to buy cushions … Continue reading

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Ten Indian Relatives are Worth Ten Thousand.

“One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives.” – Euripides His insightful observation on relatives, one that he made 2500 years ago, tells us that in all these centuries, relatives haven’t evolved one bit. Euripides, I read, was a writer … Continue reading

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An Indian Writer’s Writing Space.

My Writing Space? Did you say space? A real, physical place?! A place where a writer could sit in peace, contemplate, then spin a yarn that binds his readers?!! I have a writing desk with a computer and a comfortable … Continue reading

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My Know-it-all Neighbor Tells-it-All.

You don’t know Anything – Let me tell you. I’m not saying this, Mr. Goyal said it – he repeated this phrase 20 times in 10 minutes last evening, when wifey and I bumped into Mr. and Mrs. Goyal. They were … Continue reading

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