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Fitting a misfit with social-shoes is Impossible – says wifey!

“Why do you have to do it?” she asked, pushing a cup of cardamom tea in front of me, displacing my magic trackpad, so that the Facebook icon that I was adding to the following Facebook header got scaled up … Continue reading

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Makeup-shakeup Beauty-sheauty – mentioning it is my duty!

Pristine beauty-sheauty hai bakwaas, yeh sab to hai ji makeup ka kamaal! Translation: Pristine beauty is nothing but hogwash; Makeup created this whole look, by God! Use the word pristine in a thirteen word story, she said, and I started … Continue reading

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Ten Indian Relatives are Worth Ten Thousand.

“One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives.” – Euripides His insightful observation on relatives, one that he made 2500 years ago, tells us that in all these centuries, relatives haven’t evolved one bit. Euripides, I read, was a writer … Continue reading

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Porn-sites Banned then Unbanned – A Collective Sigh of Relief.

Two days ago, Indian Government banned access to 857 porn- and other morally-bankrupt sites in India. Indian men don’t cry, but when they heard the announcement, half of them locked themselves in their bathrooms and wailed. How could the government … Continue reading

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Anand’s Caricatures and Parodies are Quirky, Snarky, Malarkey!

Until this morning I hadn’t told wifey that I’ve enrolled for the Blogging101 course. This morning, I had to. When she called me for our second tea of the morning for the third time with her contralto voice having gone soprano and saw that I … Continue reading

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Who I am and why am I here?

Some mornings I wake up with exactly the same questions in my mind. In fact, there’ve been mornings when I’ve woken everyone up by running around the house in my pajamas, shouting, asking…no…demanding answers to these very questions. “Who I am?” … Continue reading

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And now you can get your veggies chopped online – aapkagreencuts.com

Wifey’s happy these days or so she’d have me believe. Spending a fiver to get a potato peeled and chopped keeps her smiling, so be it – I will let my credit-card be swiped twice a day, until the funds … Continue reading

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Nude Celebrity Pictures stolen and posted on the web! It could happen to me!!

Those hackers…Those cunning, mean, crafty, unethical, but resourceful hackers who had nothing better to do with their time, hacked into the iCloud accounts of  beautiful celebrity women (Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Kelly Brooks, Kristin Dunst, Hope Solo etc.), found their nude pictures, … Continue reading

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