The Great Indian Pothole through a Quirky Indian’s Lenses.

In the life of an Indian, a pothole isn’t just a hole in the road – it is a traditional concept that dreams are woven around.


Read Pothole, Pothole, thank you for saving me! to appreciate the positive influence of potholes on our daily lives.

Please don’t comment here…comment on my ROFLwithQSM blog – so that we can have some Quirky Snarky Malarkey with Hot Chai and pakodas.

Bidesi (Foreign) Indophiles might not be able to appreciate the goodness of Chai and pakodas (not pagodas,) without further explanation…so here’s one. (Note that this explanation is by me alone – wifey didn’t help at all.)

Pakodas are delicious Indian snacks prepared by covering a wide variety of veggies in chickpea-flour paste, dunking them into boiling oil and frying them until they turn crisp. These awesome snacks are then devoured with sauces and pickles, and washed down with Chai (hot milk-tea.)

PS: Just happened to hum the song…
I: Ek garam chai ki pyali ho…aur usko…
(If only there was a cup of hot tea…and a…)
Wifey: pilane wala ho?! (a gentleman who’d prepare it for me?)

Reminding you once again…this isn’t the post. Read the post by clicking the following link:

Pothole, Pothole, thank you for saving me!

#ROFLwithQSM friends!


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