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Quirky Anand and those…those…Snarky Grammarians!

Have you ever been publicly castigated for a typographical error, a Grammar issue, or even a spelling error? Have you ever locked horns with a Grammar vigilante? Anand throws caution to the wind, and lets it all out. (Please note … Continue reading

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3 Reasons that Drive me to Write!

Why Do I Write? A deep introspection supported by two cups of Cardamom tea, has revealed that I write for 3 good reasons: I write to flush the malarkey bug out of my system. When I don’t write, this bug … Continue reading

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Anandhotep runs after his dream…leaving tattered bandages in his wake.

It’s getting creepier. First, I just clung to the computer for a couple of more hours after my work-day ended. Then, I started returning to it after the evening tea. Recently, I’ve begun to return to my work-desk after dinner. … Continue reading

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