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Charasi Performs a Modern-day Online-Miracle!

Poof! And he was gone. The parodist who wrote all that funny stuff, the blogger who they had all come to know and love so well – he was gone! No post, no comment, no likes, nothing!  He was gone … Continue reading

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The Liebster Award can’t be taken Lying Down!

The Dark Knight rises again with some help from Gabbar, Trump, and Batman. I’ve broken the chains of bondage, straightened my back, cracked my knuckles, and returned to this lovely world of blogging. You know why? Because the Liebster Award … Continue reading

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Cardamom Tea – Side Effects and Social Stigma.

This morning I was trying to finish a writing assignment that has to be delivered tomorrow. It required that I write a humorous piece on marriages between Neanderthals and Homosapiens. This assignment required all the ingenuity and creativity I could muster … Continue reading

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Who I am and why am I here?

Some mornings I wake up with exactly the same questions in my mind. In fact, there’ve been mornings when I’ve woken everyone up by running around the house in my pajamas, shouting, asking…no…demanding answers to these very questions. “Who I am?” … Continue reading

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And now you can get your veggies chopped online – aapkagreencuts.com

Wifey’s happy these days or so she’d have me believe. Spending a fiver to get a potato peeled and chopped keeps her smiling, so be it – I will let my credit-card be swiped twice a day, until the funds … Continue reading

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