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We Men are just a Hygiene Factor in Their Lives!

“Hum saale bas ek hygiene factor hain, inki lives mein! (We fools, we are just a hygiene factor in their lives!)”  Rohan griped, brushing his hand over the balding patch on his head for the umpteenth time, making me wonder if his … Continue reading

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A Gray on my Head for each Blogging Decision I make!

Ever since I began to blog, the gray on my head has been expanding at a rather alarming rate. If this continues, before long I’d have a sparkling white thatch sitting atop a youngish face, and this catastrophe would’ve been brought … Continue reading

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Anandhotep Disintegrates – Mrs. Chaddha puts Wifey up to Some Serious Voodoo!

Anandhotep is gone! Remember the owlish looking mummy who never slept, seldom ate, and encountered great difficulties in running his life wrapped in those termite-eaten somewhat stinky bandages? He’s gone. He disintegrated and then disappeared. He had to go anyway, … Continue reading

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