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A Special post for my Blogging Friends

My Blogger Friends, This post is for you. As you must’ve noticed, my posting schedule has gone haywire recently, and my visiting behavior is even worse.  Let me explain. For the last 3 weeks, I’ve been working on publishing the … Continue reading

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I got Facebook-ed!

This isn’t a big deal, I know. But so far, unlike those of weaker constitution, I had managed to steered clear of the time-sucking monster that goes by the name of Facebook. Today, I gave in. The events that transpired in the last two weeks … Continue reading

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3 Old Indian Sayings that were actually Meant for Bloggers!

This post was inspired by Anand (the blabberwockying blogging-guru) and has far-reaching implications for us bloggers. On his insistence, I searched my dusty mental attic for some Indian sayings. I came out coughing but smiling. I did find something of value! I discovered some old gold … Continue reading

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