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Fitting a misfit with social-shoes is Impossible – says wifey!

“Why do you have to do it?” she asked, pushing a cup of cardamom tea in front of me, displacing my magic trackpad, so that the Facebook icon that I was adding to the following Facebook header got scaled up … Continue reading

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Three Types of Never Never First-time Comments!

Originally posted on Blogger's World!:
Put it down to my severely depressed state of mind (if my mind were a mattress, it would be so depressed that if allowed yourself to drop on it, you’d crack a bone,) but…

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New Year Resolutions of a Mad Indian Artist-Programmer!

Who says that only scientists can be mad. Nobody, hear, nobody can be madder than an Indian artist-programmer being pulled by his mom on one side and his wife on the other. Is it any wonder then that he has … Continue reading

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Social Networks? My brain needs a clone…pronto!

This isn’t a propah post. It’s a random collection of random tasks completed at random moments… Starting the right way… Whining! Honestly, my life has been wrenched off its comfortable anchor and thrown into a space odyssey, but that’s beside … Continue reading

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8 Activities that Define the Personal Life of a Work-from-Home Indian Man.

This assignment hit me hard – right in my gut. I guess there are times when you review your life and realize that you are a hardworking worker ant and not a guitar-strumming grasshopper. This was one of the times. … Continue reading

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Caricature Sheldon Cooper of the Big Bang Theory – y…he gets it!

I am a huge fan of The Big Bang Theory and its cast. Sheldon Cooper (played by Jim Parson,) is my favorite character. Yesterday I had a few hours to spare so I thought I’ll pull out one of my … Continue reading

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The 5 Greatest Cartoonists of India – Mario, Laxman, Ninan, Tailang, and Abu.

While we may look down upon lists as an odd way to acknowledge greatness, we all have our favorites in everything – this is why we talk about being someone’s number 1 fan (refer: Kapil’s Shows where everyone wants to … Continue reading

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Nude Celebrity Pictures stolen and posted on the web! It could happen to me!!

Those hackers…Those cunning, mean, crafty, unethical, but resourceful hackers who had nothing better to do with their time, hacked into the iCloud accounts of  beautiful celebrity women (Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Kelly Brooks, Kristin Dunst, Hope Solo etc.), found their nude pictures, … Continue reading

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