“They won’t Remember you,” said Wifey.

“They won’t remember you,” quipped wifey when she saw me login to Facebook.

“Who?” I asked, pretending that I hadn’t understood. Of course, I had. I’ve known her for close to fifteen years now, and for twelve of those, I’ve woken up next to her. In the first three years, I had only seen and heard what she had wanted me to see and hear. Those were the days when I hadn’t known that her yawn could put an alligator to shame, and I had no idea that she had the magical ability to transform herself into a fire-breathing dragon, at will.

“Your online friends and the followers of your Quirky, Snarky, Malarkey. They would have forgotten you by now. Don’t waste your time writing another blog-post,” she said. She spoke with such an air of finality that I almost accepted her verdict.

But then I saw something that made me puff up my chest and take the plunge…once again.

The FB page of the QSM magazine had gained about ninety new followers. It looked like people liked the page better without my irksome presence lurking in its shadows of my FB, Twitter, and my Blog!

So…despite wifey’s unholy predications, I’m back. I’ve got to tell you about a lot of things that’ve been happening in India, and in my house – including the Janani vs. Janaani debate (that would Mother vs. Wife debate,) that Mom started and Wifey finished.

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Parodist, Humorist, Caricaturist, Nerd.
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12 Responses to “They won’t Remember you,” said Wifey.

  1. Meg Sorick says:

    Of course we remember you! Glad to see you back and waiting expectantly for new snarky malarkey!


  2. Yay, you’re back! Absence makes the heart grow fonder, you know, so now we’re extremely fond of you now. Make the most of it! 😊


  3. Jackie says:

    Hi, Anand! Funny, I was just thinking about you and your wife this morning! Hope you are both doing well. I, too, have just started blogging a little again. It’s been 6 months now, but at least I don’t feel numb anymore. Hope to see some more stories from you soon – I need the smiles! Blessings to all.


  4. oneta hayes says:

    Oh, man, it is nice to see you again. How else can I find out what is going on with wifey! Yes, I might have forgotten you, but wifey – never. Tell her she is your claim to fame.


  5. Yay I found someone again. I feel l8r I am lost in cyberspace trying to get back into this!,,😂🚀🚀🛰


  6. Jackie says:

    Anand! You haven’t been blogging in awhile! We need some more of your quirky stories!


  7. Jackie says:

    Dude, if you will notice I asked where YOU were first! LOL You are a goof! See ya soon.


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