O’ Cockroaches of Shatabdi, Thank you!

We were sitting at the right side of the coach, where there are three seats to a row. We had a window seat, which was grabbed by wifey the moment we boarded, and a middle-seat. I too love the window-seat, but since we got married, that seat has belonged to wifey. My requests for it were always brushed aside, sometimes a little rudely too, until recently, when I gave up trying.

After the train started…(Please read rest of the post “O’ Cockroaches of Shatabdi, Thank you!” at the ROFLwithQSM Blog)


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2 Responses to O’ Cockroaches of Shatabdi, Thank you!

  1. writenlive says:

    Such purposeful cockroaches! Getting to their office or someplace in a hurry… Need to learn from them.
    Btw, which crocodile got chosen?

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    • Anand says:

      I don’t remember, but definitely not the polka-dots guy. I was silently willing her to select it, but she didn’t 😦 You are right, there’s a lot we can learn from little travel-buddies.

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