Arvind Kejriwal uses his IIT Math to Solve the Pollution Problem.

Anyone with any connection to Delhi must’ve heard this news. Arvind Kejriwal-led AAP Government has found a solution to Delhi’s pollution problem in the number theory. Cars with odd-numbered license plates will be allowed to grace the Delhi roads on odd dates and those with even-numbered license plates, on even dates. I am amazed at the brilliance of this idea. I wonder why couldn’t any of the previous Delhi Chief Ministers come up with it. Oh, I get it. They weren’t from the IITs, ji.

While I can understand how Mr. Kejriwal has suffered due to the polluted Delhi environment, and how he had to keep himself muffled-up through the last two winters but I can’t imagine how he kept the Aam Aadmi cap from falling off – and yes, the invisible crown too.

Caricature- cartoon Arvind Kejriwal - The QSM Magazine, Indian humour magazine - Even Odd number vehicles.

Kudos to him for balancing it all with such finesse and yet coming up with such brilliant ideas. He makes the IITians around the world proud. In fact, seeing that Arvind Kejriwal has returned to his IIT-roots with the number-game, I’ve been motivated to return to mine.

I trust that the even-odd number plan can be extended to many other aspects of Indian life, thus reducing the impact of the 3 painful P’s of India –  pollution, population, and poverty.

Here are three more suggestions, inspired by Mr. Kejriwal’s out-of-the-box but imported from China idea. I recommend a nation-wide implementation of these, but of course, they can be piloted in Delhi.

(Applies only to Companies as Mr. Kejriwal has already taken care of the individual polluters.)
Take the first five letters of a company’s name, find the position of each letter in the alphabet, add the numbers of the positions, and determine if the number is odd or even. If odd, the company will remain closed on odd-dates; if even, then on even-dates. On the days the company remains closed, its employees will be required to ply cycle-rickshaws and contribute labor to the public transport system.

For each new married couple, add the man’s age to the woman’s age (completed years only) and determine if the sum is odd or even. If odd, they would be allowed one child; if even, they’d be allowed to choose between 0 and 2. If they don’t follow this rule, Arvind Kejriwal will adopt the extra children and the parents will not get the opportunity to gloat over their extra children’s accomplishments if any.

Add the number of thousands you earn. If you have an odd number of thousands, you will donate half your income plus one thousand to the Delhi Government. If you have an even number of thousands, you will donate only half of it. The Government will then distribute this wealth equally among those who vote for the current office-bearers in the next elections.

I am confident that if we put our heads together, we could use the odd-even number logic to resolve all the problems of the world – including terrorism. If only we could ensure that terrorists born on an odd dates would only be allowed to purchase weapons on odd dates and…

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13 Responses to Arvind Kejriwal uses his IIT Math to Solve the Pollution Problem.

  1. oneta hayes says:

    May I suggest a run in American politics. We need a thinker. You have proved you qualify.

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  2. Vamagandhi says:

    Hahahaha! Wonderful. One male progeny obsessed fellow did advise to have sex on ‘even’ number dates to get male child, giving binary chromosomal logic. After first daughter, he switched to ‘odd numbers’ probably, and he got a son. If he were IITian, probably he would have been fiddling with ‘rubix cube’ while having sex.

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    • Anand says:

      I’ve heard of people who use “help” while “trying to get a baby.” It’s all about what sets the mood. If a puzzle does, who are we to criticize them, hain ji, Doctor Saab?

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  3. NJ says:

    For the first 1 ..People working in production units will kill you 😛 are you kidding me .. In India you are asking professionals to be a part time rickshaw pullers …boy you are gone 😛 For the second one 😉 Arvind ji’s wifey will kill you ..for that extra little monster in her home 😉 and for 3rd one …your own wifey will kill you 😀

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    • Anand says:

      I am guessing that Mrs. Kejriwal and Mr. Kejriwal have cars that have even/odd or odd/even numbers, or Mrs Kejriwal would’ve ensured that this never happened. BTW, your comment is super-awesome. (Noe to self: create a super-awesome commenter award.)

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      • NJ says:

        Now that’s true ..any rule before creation must pass from the home ministry 😉 otherwise you will me made homeless 😛 and food-less 😛 … And for the comment part 😉 thankuz ….now what to say in my praise ..would like to quote a cheesy dialogue of akshay kumar 😛 … ” baat toh mai humesha krti hu …achi apne aap lag jate hai ” 😉 now don’t kill me for this one 😛


  4. You are seriously talented with words as well with your art. Your caricatures makes the post more interesting.

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    • Anand says:

      Thank you, Megha. I believe I have a lot to learn both in writing and drawing. I think I’ve got a funny virus in me though, and it infects everything I do.


  5. Well…at least he tried in whatever way he could….now people can’t blame him for doing nothing! 😛

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    • Anand says:

      I think it’s his latest ruse to get into media. I hope it works, but I have a feeling it won’t. The Public transport system is crappy – and when you’ve milled in the crowd for getting into the metro and got sore shoulders by hanging from the metro-rods, you don’t want to repeat those experiences, especially if you are paying the EMIs of a car that’s cooling its tires in your garage. Let us see how it goes.

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