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Registered for Blogging201 and preparing for Wifey’s Outburst

Friends from Blogging101 and Writing101, I gave the NaNoWriMo a miss but have registered for the Blogging201 course. I am wondering if any of you have too. It’s going to run from December 8th to 17th, and you can register for it … Continue reading

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An Indian Dinner for Miley, Obama, Dali, and Agatha Christie

First things first. Wifey gets to approve the list. If that isn’t happening, I am not inviting anyone for a dinner. I value my sanity. If you agree to this condition, I can start thinking about throwing a dinner party; … Continue reading

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7 Deadly Questions to be answered before America chooses her President.

The Presidential-hopefuls, the media, and the American Public have been asking questions. Among the many questions that’ve been doing rounds, the following seven must be answered frankly and unequivocally, before America decides. Question 1: If straight people turn gay in prisons, what … Continue reading

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Thank you – a thousand times for a thousand likes.

Every once in a while, one must count his blessings and thank those who make his life beautiful. You make my blog beautiful. As this blog has now become a part of my life, by making it beautiful with your … Continue reading

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Part 2 of “Twitter gets a heart – Chandraketu loses his!”

This post continues the story of Chandraketu and his bubbly, bouncy heart. Read the first part here. The next morning, Chandraketu reached his tuition-class with a card that had a single rose on it. He had literally poured his heart … Continue reading

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Twitter gets a heart – Chandraketu loses his!

Twitter has dropped that rusty old star that we’d click to indicate that we liked a tweet. It has now replaced that antique with a bouncy, bubbly, belly-dancing red heart. While I personally prefer a heart to a star, in … Continue reading

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A Gray on my Head for each Blogging Decision I make!

Ever since I began to blog, the gray on my head has been expanding at a rather alarming rate. If this continues, before long I’d have a sparkling white thatch sitting atop a youngish face, and this catastrophe would’ve been brought … Continue reading

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3 Quotes – 3 Caricatures – 1 Subject: Women.

This one’s for Jacqueline, she asked me to write it. (She had tried to help me by buying a couple of my relatives for $1.50 each, and so I just couldn’t bring myself to say no to her.) Here are three quotations that … Continue reading

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