I got Facebook-ed!

This isn’t a big deal, I know. But so far, unlike those of weaker constitution, I had managed to steered clear of the time-sucking monster that goes by the name of Facebook.

Today, I gave in. The events that transpired in the last two weeks are listed below in their correct chronological order.

I got Spiced!

Blogadda started it all. Until August 15th, I had no clue that this adda existed in the blogosphere. Then a tiny link popped up in the referral section of the site-stats. I followed the link and discovered that they had added my tea-seeking adventure to their Spicy Saturday picks. (Scroll down…It’s the last on the list – and for a good reason.) So, I checked it out and realized that as an Indian blogger I could become a member. I did. It’s a different matter that I am still figuring out the reason why.

I got Indiblogged!

Then I discovered Indiblogger, a fine network of really nice bloggers, who once in a while stop by at my blog. Whether they do it because of the daily dose Indian courtesy injected into every Indian’s veins until we become capable of independent thought; or they stop by because they really like my malarkey, is a question that I will never ask.

I got Faked!

While I was thus engaged in juggling these two blogger networks, a friend forwarded a link to a Faking News article. I realized that the Faking News website looked like a place where I could find readers for my kind of writing. So I became a member and submitted an article to see if the News Fakers would approve it. They did, and this morning I found “Tattoos and my Growing List of Tabooed Desires,” live along with a photograph that I’d have loved to add to my Tattoos post.

PS: I also discovered (with a red-face) that they publish stuff without edits, and lock your post out of editing mode for you. A typo-prone man such as myself has much to fear while posting on Faking News. I’ll be more careful in the future but my second article there The biggest VC-Funding for an eCom startup – GharAyaMeraMochi.com gets $50M!has a couple of typos that will stay there for eternity. I hope you’ll magnanimously ignore them.

Blogger friends, after all this ruckus, do you think I could’ve avoided getting Facebook-ed?

I got Facebook-ed!

There were clues everywhere. It was like the whole web was conspiring to get me on Facebook – that  blue “f” icon – it teased me all the time. So I went ahead and did it!  Then I confessed my social-crime in front of wifey. I am sure that by afternoon she would’ve shared this news with Mrs. Chaddha. But before Mrs. Chaddha asks her son to “Like” my page and start keeping an eye on my shenanigans (as, I admit, a good neighbor should,) I request you, the genuine folks to check it out here, and if time permits – click the “Like” button too!

Adda: A place where the riff-raff gather to gossip and kill time. (In other words, my kind of place.)

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14 Responses to I got Facebook-ed!

  1. Check out a site called Facts & Nonsense by Debajyoti Ghosh. It is similar to yours and he posts on Faking News too.

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  2. Yes, it was bound to happen. Good to see you on Facebook, IB and BA. Great news on the Faking News post! Woo hoo!

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  3. Kyly Sheldon says:

    I love your writing. It’s just so funny. I have Indian friends so your descriptions are so familiar and therefore easy to picture.
    PS – good luck with Facebook. It really is a time sucker. I’m in constant contemplation of avoiding it or going there to lose precious time over mindless rubbish. I always get sucked in eventually though 😛


  4. I liked it. Where’s your cover photo. Get with it. You need a cover…

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  5. Finally the F monster caught you too. I should appreciate your grit in staying away this long. Get rocking and soon social media will follow you.

    BTW, I am here to read you, no courtesy visits. 🙂



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