Anandhotep Disintegrates – Mrs. Chaddha puts Wifey up to Some Serious Voodoo!

Anandhotep is gone!

Remember the owlish looking mummy who never slept, seldom ate, and encountered great difficulties in running his life wrapped in those termite-eaten somewhat stinky bandages?

He’s gone. He disintegrated and then disappeared.

He had to go anyway, but that he’d go clad in such ignominy was something that I hadn’t expected.

First, about the secret project.

It’s done. After three weeks of back-breaking work, which among other things, included learning a totally new skill (how to use Adobe inDesign,) my secret project came to a conclusion yesterday.

Here it is:

The QSM Magazine - Humor, Satire, and Parodies - Desi Humour and Funny Anecdotes - Download your free copy.

The QSM Magazine is a collection of humor, parodies, and satire. Half of it is adapted from this blog but the other half is totally new! It has a lot of drawings – including that of Wifey’s and Mrs. Chaddha’s.

Click here to get a free pdf copy of the newest issue of The QSM Magazine in your inbox.

I especially recommend “Drum Rolls for Donald Drum” and “See-sawing with Keju Bhai.” Mom plays the lead in the first one and Wifey in the second. 

All you need to do is, click here and read it online on Once you are there, you’ll also be able to download a free pdf for printing, so that you may share it with your friends and family.

Now about more serious matters.

When I was losing sleep over formatting, writing malarkey, sketching Wifey and Mrs. Chaddha’s cartoons, and doing all sorts of crazy things to design Issue #0 of The QSM Magazine, Mrs. Chaddha was busy setting wifey up against me!

I am glad I overheard their conversation in bits and parts.Their whole conversation and its effect on me would require a full post – but here’s the bit that made Anandhotep growl and snarl.

Mrs. Chaddha: You say he’s glued to his computer 18 hours a day.
Wifey (inaudible.)
Mrs. Chaddha: Even in nights? After you’ve gone to bed?
Wifey (Still inaudible.)
Mrs. Chaddha: I don’t want to break your heart but you should be careful.
Wifey mumbles something that sounds like, “I know.”
Mrs. Chaddha: Men must be kept on a tight-leash.
Wifey mumbles again but I can’t catch it. I’d have loved to find out what she had to say on this.
Mrs. Chaddha: These days, a lot of things happen on Internet. 
Wifey: Huh! No…he isn’t like that.
Mrs. Chaddha: You don’t know men like I do. They do everything on Internet…chatting- shatting, dating-shating…

So that’s how it had begun – innocent banter of women…I’ll soon tell you the whole story – as soon as I’ve got it all figured out. (That Anandhotep! The bugger had been using my wardrobe while he was here. I found a scarab scuttling away!)

I’ll return after debugging my code and my wardrobe. Until then, I recommend that you get visuals on Mrs. Chaddha, my wife, Donald Drum, and wifey’s Keju Bhai in the first ever issue of the QSM Magazine!

(I know most of you’ve sided with wifey; that I can take, but please don’t side with Mrs. Chaddha!)

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Parodist, Humorist, Caricaturist, Nerd.
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60 Responses to Anandhotep Disintegrates – Mrs. Chaddha puts Wifey up to Some Serious Voodoo!

  1. Seems interesting Mr. Caricaturer! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oza says:

    Hahaha enjoyed it 🙂
    Yes, will be reading your #0 soon 🙂


  3. !shita says:

    Congratulations Anand!!!! Very very happy for this new venture of yours!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. shilarya says:

    Super siblinguuuu….I m proud of you…heading straight there to have some 😄😄 of the day

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Vibrant says:

    Dear Anand,

    Congratulations for QSM and thanks for sharing it with us. I have bookmarked it and would read in my leisure for immense pleasure because it’s a treasure of quirky snarky malarkey!

    I enjoyed reading this and I feel Ms. Chaddha is nosey while your wife is an introvert.

    I have a suggestion for you:
    Please don’t use more than 15 tags in total for a posts { Tags+ Categories }
    Your posts don’t show up in Reader if you cross that limit. Someone suggested this to me and since then I have kept it to 5 in total.

    May be it’s search engines friendly but as of now our readership is mostly blogging fraternity so it would be better to keep them so as to let them appear in our WP readers.

    Have a great Sunday ahead,

    Anand 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Anand says:

      Thanks Anand. I used to add a lot of tags when I had first started blogging…but not since blogging101. I’ll check if I slipped again. I hope you enjoy the magazine. Half of the stuff would be new even for you 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  6. ramida78 says:

    This looks absolutely fantastic! The visual and the content (I’m sure). Haven’t read through the entire magazine yet, but will definitely tell you what I think when I do.
    And don’t worry, I will not side with Mrs. Chaddha :P.
    I do vote for this to be a bimonthly thing though, because it requires so much time and effort on your part, it might lead to feeling more like a chore? Besides, you will also have more content to play with in the span of two months.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Anand says:

      Thank you Ramida. For reading the magazine and for not siding with my insidious neighbor. Bimonthly is what I too favor. Monthly might get unwieldy – and not because of the effort but because of the ladies who make this house a home. They are perfectly capable of throwing me out bag and baggage. Mom and wifey generally don’t see eye to eye, but on this matter they might be soul-sisters.
      Thanks so much for responding to my cry for help.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Lula Harp says:

    Quite impressive! I haven’t finished reading but so far I’ve had some good laughs. It looks great, really quite impressive. Congratulations


  8. Jackie says:

    Anand, QSM is so much fun! You did a fabulous job. Congrats.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Jackie says:

    PS. Hubby enjoyed QSM as well, though not pleased he couldn’t laugh out loud (chest congestion making lol too painful!)

    Liked by 1 person

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