Anandhotep runs after his dream…leaving tattered bandages in his wake.

It’s getting creepier.

  • First, I just clung to the computer for a couple of more hours after my work-day ended.
  • Then, I started returning to it after the evening tea.
  • Recently, I’ve begun to return to my work-desk after dinner.
  • Yesterday, I was up all night.

You may wonder why.
You may also wonder why this is a big deal.
Because despite the fact that I am beginning to look like one, I am no night-owl. I am an early-to-bed-and-early-to-rise kind of character, who has attained none of the three promised goodies by adhering to this adage, the wisdom of which I seriously doubt. (especially the wealth part – I think it should be stripped away because it misleads children into acquiring a potentially harmful habit that has severe social side-effects.)

But I stray.
I was telling you that I’ve been working extra-hard and extra-long (Now, if you are reading more into those words than you should, your mind too is working extra-hard and extra-long,) with nothing to show for it. I’ve kept the project secret from wifey and that has made her imagination go wild. She’s been at her accusatory-best. For Ghar ki Shanti (Peace at Home,) we are not really talking a lot these days. The dog has sided with wifey. (If I were my dog, I’d do the same. It’s smart to side with the one to fills your plate than with this dreadful apparition called Anandhotep.)

So why am I doing it?
I have risked wifey’s wrath and my dog’s indifference for my blogging buddies. You’ve inspired me to take on a non-billable time-guzzling project that has turned my world upside down.

(Heartfelt apologies if I’ve missed your blog in this list. A reminder will be deeply appreciated.)
All of you are the reason why I am spending every waking moment of mine on this project.

Everyone on this list, everyone who’s ever commented or liked this blog – be prepared! Wifey and the dog have just been waiting for this list. In wifey’s own words, “it’s about time.” Time for what? Go figure.

PS1: The dog doesn’t bite.
PS2: Stay Tuned. The Anandhotep Mystery will soon be resolved – hopefully with drum rolls. (Clueing you in: sketches, caricatures, parodies, jokes, fun!)
PS3: Whatever wifey says or does, know this that I am forever indebted to you, my dear blogger-friends. You are all awesome!

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99 Responses to Anandhotep runs after his dream…leaving tattered bandages in his wake.

  1. How in the world did you find my blog on blogger? I seldom use it. LOL
    I am curious my friend.
    This blogging world does draw us in and holds us …not quite prisoner but no longer free either.
    Anand, Hugs to your and wifey. Sarah

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  2. adriennea3 says:

    I’m curious…


  3. Vibrant says:

    Dear Anand,

    Thanks for the kind mention and please don’t feel indebted to your friends. You have given us so many smiles, giggles and laughs. I hope to keep seeing them time to time, But please don’t strain yourself and do what needs to be done first.

    Anand 🙂

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    • Anand says:

      Thanks Anand. But that’s how it has to be, if at all. I have only until the end of this month to accomplish it…or it won’t happen ever. The extra work is nerve wrecking but I am satisfied with my progress 😀

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  4. !shita says:

    hahahha!! 😀 😀 this shall be fun!! 😀 😀 Your wifey sounds as fun as you btw!! 😀 😀


  5. You seem to be getting yourself into a serious mess as your addiction to blogging is surpassing the severest of addictions. At this stage your wifey’s wrath looks justified.

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  6. sandeept252 says:

    Thank you Anand for the mention. I am sure you can’t keep the secret for long. It’s a matter of ‘Ghar ki Shanti’.


  7. koolitzable says:

    Hahahaha, I am flattered Anand..let your wife make her own blog as well 🙂


  8. Thanks for the mention Anand! I’ve also become addicted to this world I knew nothing about a month ago.

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  9. shilarya says:

    Haha… I know the side effects of addiction…n yes it has its after effects on ghar ki Shanthi… All the best for your secret project..😉,

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  10. Oza says:

    Hey you!

    This entire thing with you and wifey and the dog sounds so interesting.. Well yes, I am curious what’s going to happen.. 🙂
    I also like it doubly as there is a dog involved 🙂

    PS: I am still obsessing over new pet 😛

    Good luck Anand!

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  11. I will die a slow painful dreadful and slightly satirical death until this mystery is no more.

    painfully yours,
    the (esc)ape artist

    p.s. I side with your wife.

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  12. ramida78 says:

    Okay wuuut! You got me all curious and excited.

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  13. Now, Im curious! hmmm…..if its a caricature…i would love to see mine done! 😛
    But seriously….what is it?? ohh dear…me and my impatient self!!

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  14. Ha ha ha …. you are a very amusing writer as well as a talented Artist 😀 But if you don’t give me a mention on that list I am going to find out wifey’s contact details and tell her of your secret !!!!!!
    Cheers Anand

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  15. Not for now …. you’d better behave 😉

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  16. So now I have two entries??? What did I do to deserve that Anand? 🙂

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