Bunking Classes, Avoiding Friends, and getting Mummified.

I’m feeling terrible. For want of a better analogy, I must liken myself to an eviscerated mummy swathed in resin-soaked bandages of work and chores. Following up with the air-conditioner, the plumber, and the tv-repairman – getting everything reinstalled while struggling to finish an art-assignment by tomorrow and a writing assignment by Monday, is bound to have me mummified before my time is up.

I’m stealing a few minutes to thank AnandScott, and Ishita for nominating me for the Liebster award. I am honored that they thought my malarkey deserved this lovely award – I promise to make my post on the award when I return from the dead.

Thanks for not letting me fade away in the mists of time…

Anandhotep shall rise again!

About Anand

Parodist, Humorist, Caricaturist, Nerd.
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7 Responses to Bunking Classes, Avoiding Friends, and getting Mummified.

  1. Vibrant says:

    Dear Anandhotep 🙂

    I hope your AC works soon. Delhi is damn hot I have heard–I am also living in SAHARA 😀 😀

    I enjoyed this brief prose and hope you get time for all assignments.

    Thanks for mentioning. You deserve all the recognition,


  2. Srinath TK says:

    Hilarious gratitude Ananad!!! And here is my my weekend gift for you. For the first time in the human history read a story that requires reader’s interaction to solve the mystery!!! This blog is a tribute to the man who paid for words with his own life….every writer must read it…and the mystery unravels when YOU click…



  3. Jackie says:

    Anandhotep! What a fun play on words. May coolness find you soon.


    • Anand says:

      Glad you enjoyed visualizing me as Anandhotep. I’ve never told this to anyone, but I am related to Imhotep. These days, I don’t sleep; my eyes are retreating into their sockets, and wifey is wondering if I’ve been replaced by some creature from the netherworld.

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