Anand’s Caricatures and Parodies are Quirky, Snarky, Malarkey!

Until this morning I hadn’t told wifey that I’ve enrolled for the Blogging101 course. This morning, I had to. When she called me for our second tea of the morning for the third time with her contralto voice having gone soprano and saw that I still remained glued to my computer; she smelled a rat. So she stole behind me to see what I was up to, and discovered my secret.

With the cat out of the bag and the rat out of the hole and with a cup of tepid tea in my hand, I waited for her to explode. We’ve got this arrangement where we tell each other our deepest, darkest secrets, or we think that the other does – and keeping this from her could actually set up a time-bomb.

Relief washed over me when she smiled condescendingly at me and said, “so, you finally caved in and joined.”

She had been after me to take this course. She thought that meeting some other bloggers will do me some good. I had been refusing to take the course. All on valid grounds. I am too busy. I need to earn. I need to spend quality time with the dog. I must find time to jog, go to the gym, watch movies…I gave her a list longer than her list of groceries. She gave up but not before telling me that if I actually took the course, she’d be proved right.

Despite my great experience so far, I still see a tiny ray of hope that I’ll be able to prove her wrong – but that aside, I was relieved that she wasn’t mad at me for hiding my tryst with blogging101 from her.

My marketing prof used to say that the best way of winning a customer over was to make him feel that the decision to buy was his. “Involvement is the key,” he used to say. So I decided to involve her.

The title was ready. It was “Anand’s Caricatures and Parodies.”
The tagline was ready. It was “Quirky, Snarky, Malarkey!”

I involved her. I asked her to provide a topic for this post.
She did.

“Anand’s Caricatures and Parodies are Quirky, Snarky, Malarkey!”

I have a feeling that she exacted her revenge. Did or didn’t she?

About Anand

Parodist, Humorist, Caricaturist, Nerd.
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10 Responses to Anand’s Caricatures and Parodies are Quirky, Snarky, Malarkey!

  1. Your wife is a wise woman!

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  2. Lol. I bet that would’ve been a fun time to be a fly on the wall when she caught you. Why do you think you may be right?


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