Bobby Jindal to Saade Punjab da Puttar hai – Hain ji?

Bobby Jindal has announced that he’ll be running for the 2016 US Presidential elections, and with his announcement, he’s brought into limelight the village of his forefathers – Khanpur, and the house where his grandfather Madan Lal Jindal lived with Bobby’s grandmother and their nine children.

The villagers are feeling so-so about it –  happy that their very own Bobby is running for elections, but unhappy because the very same Bobby has disowned his Indian, worse still, his Punjabi roots. I mean, the pride of being a Punjab da Sher is something that every male Punjabi child begins to ooze from all his pores, the moment his umbilical cord is severed – how can Jindal then deny his Punjabi roots?

He’s the Governor of Louisiana? Aho ji. His heart must yearn to return and govern saada Ludhiana instead. Didn’t his parents take some Punjab di mitti along, to help their child grow up appreciating his vatan ki mitti di khushboo? 

But despite Jindal’s vehement denials, we Indians, specifically the Punjabis believe that Jindal is merely being politically right in saying that he isn’t an Indian-American.

Khoon to Punjabi hai bande da…hain ji? Dil to Hindustani hai saade Bobby da…hain ji?

For Non-Punjabis and Non-Hindustanis:

Hindustani: Indian
Bobby Jindal to Saade Punjab da Puttar hai – Hain ji?:
Bobby Jindal is the son of our Punjab, isn’t it?
Punjab da Sher
: Lion of Punjab (a growling lion.)

Aho Ji: An emphatic yes.
sadda Punjab: OUR Punjab (with emphasis on “our”)
Punjab di mitti: dirt of Punjab (“dirt” term used positively here.)
vatan ki mitti ki khushboo: The fragrance of your country’s dirt(“dirt” term used positively again.)
Khoon to Punjabi hai bande da…hain ji?: The guy’s got Punjabi blood flowing in his veins, isn’t it?
 Dil to Hindustani hai Bobby da…hain ji?: Our Bobby’s heart is Indian, isn’t it? (a bit of wishful thinking here, I admit.)

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2 Responses to Bobby Jindal to Saade Punjab da Puttar hai – Hain ji?

  1. Nancy J says:

    It’s interesting that Indians feel that Bobby Jindal is forgetting his roots if he states that he is an American and not an Indian-American. My grandparents immigrated to the U.S. In the early 1900s. At that time, people who immigrated to the states wanted to be known as Americans. They changed their last names and sometimes their first names too so that they would fit into the American mold and become one with their new country. If Bobby Jindal wanted to be known as something other than an Americam……he was born here after all and he has a right to claim that…..then he should not be even considering a run for the highest political office in this country. I don’t think people need to forget their roots but their allegiance belongs to the country that they were born in.


    • Anand says:

      That’s the Indian way of thinking…you are supposed to stay connected to your roots and if possible you should haul all your uncles, aunts, nephews, and nieces along. The least you must do is visit your gaanv or pind and bring along a foreign gifts ka hamper. But Indians are a forgiving lot too. So we’ve already excused his misdemeanors. We understand that he’s done it under political compulsions, and when he’s at home, he still asks his wife to make dal-roti-sabzi for him. We love him…jo bhi ho, saade pind da munda hega, hain ji?


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