The 5 Greatest Cartoonists of India (Part 3): Ajit Ninan

Ajit Ninan:

Greatest Cartoonists of India - Ajit Ninan - Times of India - Political Social Cartooning in India - Best Indian cartoonists.

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Ajit Ninan works with the TOI. When I open the TOI in the morning, one of the things that I actively seek out, are his cartoons. His line-work and his understanding of perspectives is excellent.

Ninan hails from Hyderabad but works in Delhi. I’ve been following his work from the time when he worked for India Today, and I often marvel at his productivity.

Ninan’s work is usually made of clean lines and jazzed up with a dash of color. What amazes me is his skill of adding expressions to every face in his artwork. Even the horses, the buffaloes, the dogs (and yes, there are a lot of street dogs in his cartoons), they all have great expressions. I think that his command over his lines is unparalleled, as is his understanding of perspectives and of course, the machinery and buildings.

A lesser-known fact is that Ninan is related to Abu Abraham, another internationally known cartoonist, who is known for his simple lines and witty visualization.

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